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Jim Walery Bio / Blog

Started out as a programmer after leaving the University of California at Irvine, then went to Software Development Manager, then Branch Manager, then pre-Sales Support Engineer, then Sales Account Executive, then Marketing Product Manager, then General Manager of a IT Professional Services Company and then back to Marketing Product Manager.  After a time as a consultant assisting IT related companies in Orange County, CA with their marketing activities, became Marketing Operations Manager for a Software company responsible for the company's traditional and social media marketing activities.


Specialties: Product marketing, email blasts, campaigns, webinars, web content, process creation, product management, event management, project management and social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blogs.

Our Mission:


JWMarketingInMotion's mission is to assist our clients enhance their community, build their brand awareness and increase their sales by understanding their needs and providing effective on demand marketing services.  


Who We Are:


JWMarketingInMotion was started by Jim Walery, a marketing professional, after 20 years of marketing for organizations in Orange County, CA.  During those years, Jim successfully enhanced the organization's community for customer/client retention and increased the organization's sales, with caring, knowledgeable marketing activities and management.  Jim understands services as for 7 years was a General Manager of an IT Professional Services company and helped expand the company to over 500 hours a week of services.


JWMarketingInMotion is a group of marketing professionals who provides excellent marketing deliverables after understanding the customer's/client's needs and business.   


Our Process:


JWMarketingInMotion understands that marketing needs to be different and tailored for your organization depending on:

  • culture of the organization
  • who you sell to or want to sell to
  • your product or service offering
  • available resources and budget
  • your reputation and branding
  • geography you sell to

You and JWMarketingInMotion work together on what is necessary and a plan of action is created.


Then the plan of action is executed with marketing activities being accomplished on time and professionally.


You receive full communication on the status and results of the marketing activities involved. 


What We Do:


JWMarketingInMotion is expert in and provides the following services when you need them:

  1. Sales Enablement Assessments
  2. Integrated Marketing Campaign Creation, Execution and Measurement
  3. Marketing Automation Implementation (HubSpot)
  4. Email Newsletter and Target Email Send Out
  5. Social Media Presence Creation and Maintenance
  6. Content Creation including Website and Blog
  7. Website Improvement and Upkeep
  8. Creation of Marketing Collatoral such as Data Sheets and Brochures
  9. Planning, Executing and Promotion of Seminars/Events/Webinars/Sponsorships
  10. Handling Public Relations and Producing News Releases
  11. Lead Generation Activities
  12. Video Production and Content
  13. Editorial Calendar Management including Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Newsletters and Target Emails
  14. Marketing Operations and Management including Contact Database Management




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