JWMarketinginMotion Marketing Services
JWMarketinginMotion Marketing Services

Marketing Services for Law Firms

JWMarketingInMotion is expert in and provides the following services when your law firm needs them:

  1. Integrated Marketing Campaign Creation, Execution and Measurement - For campaigns to be effective they must be planned with all the activities of the campaign integrated and who the campaign is going to target must be determined and the target list created.  JWMarkeingInMotion can assist in all areas of campaigns including campaign effectiveness. 
  2. Marketing Automation Implementation (HubSpot) - A Marketing Automation Solution like HubSpot will have a tremendous impact on executing the digial marketing activities of a firm.  JWMarketingInMotion can assist with implementation either as project lead or just assisting in implementations as well as creating the necessary best practices for Marketing Automation solution use.
  3. Email Newsletter and Target Email Send Out - A great way for a law firm to get its message out is by sending out client newsletters and targeted emails to prospects.  JWMarketingInMotion can provide the content and do the executions of the emails as well as analytics to the email send outs.
  4. Social Media Presence Creation and Maintenance - Social media has lots of pieces including Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  For social media to be effective it needs to be engaging and consistently sent out.  JWMarketingInMotion can create the social media presence for the firm, create the necessary content and execute on the social media posts so that the posts are consistently being done and engaging.
  5. Content Creation including Website and Blog - To show expertise and for your your firm to be considered a thought leader, you need content that conveys this.  JWMarketingInMotion can provide the following content creation services:
    • Analyze website content and make improvements to the content that is more benefit driven and speaks to the website visitor
    • Determine topics for blog posts and then either assist or write the necessary blog posts
    • Discuss and create any type of content that is determined to be necessary such as White Papers, eBooks, articles, infographics, etc.
  6. Website Improvement and Upkeep - Your website is where most 1st impressions occurs for your prospects.  It must speak to their needs.  JWMarketingInMotion can analyze your site, suggest changes to content and look, make changes to site and analyze site traffic.
  7. Creation of Marketing Collatoral such as Data Sheets and Brochures - The information that you hand out at events and have available for download on your website can make or break a deal.  It needs to be accurate, be informative, convey the right message and be professional looking.  JWMarketingInMotion can provide the services to create these professional looking collatoral pieces.
  8. Planning, Executing and Promotion of Seminars/Events/Webinars/Sponsorships - Doing your own event or having a booth at a trade show is expensive and you need to make sure that you do the right promotion for it to be effective.  JWMarketingInMotion can assist in determining what events to attend or webinars to hold, do the logistics for the event/webinar, handle all promotion and provide an analysis of the event/webinar effectiveness.
  9. Handling Public Relations - PR is important for most organizations such as law firms including the production of  News Releases.  The experts at JWMarketingInMotion can work with the law firm on the calendar of news releases, create the news releases and do the posting of the actual releases.  Or if a PR Firm is involved, JWMarketingInMotion can work with them on the marketing activities necessary for PR.
  10. Video Production and Content - Videoes are an effective tool in the marketing tool kit including client testimonial videos, product demo videos, company overview videos or educational videos.  JWMarketingInMotion can assist with the production of the videos including questions to ask, video content and posting of the videos to YouTube and the website.
  11. Editorial Calendar Management including Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Newsletters and Target Emails - Marketing needs to be consistent which means that a calendar for the marketing deliverables exist and be maintained.  JWMarketingInMotion can assist in the setup of the calendar as well as make sure that the deliverables happen as scheduled.
  12. Marketing Operations and Management including Contact Database Management - Marketing is a process and sometimes an organization needs assistance in managing the processes and resources in place as well as implementing process.  JWMarketingInMotion can assist on any of your marketing operations needs or management of resources including management of the contact database.


If you would like further discussion regarding the on-demand services that JWMarketingInMotion can provide your law firm then email info@jwmarketinginmotion.com to request a no-obligation phone call.



Sales Success with Enablement Assessment

Your Sales Team needs to be confident in the abilities of the Marketing Team and others in the organization for them to be effective in their sales efforts. The best way to find out what they need to be enabled is to ask them what they think.  Determine what the Sales Team needs from a marketing and non-marketing perspective via an easy to answer assessment survey.  This sales enablement assessment provides a baseline that can be used to determine what needs to be worked on.

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